Mrs Moore - Head Teacher

Mrs Moore - Mrs Moore is our Head Teacher, she also teaches in Class 2 part time alongside Mrs Thompson. She also goes on trips with classes. If we have a problem Mrs Moore helps us to sort it out. Mrs Moore takes the whole school swimming on Thursday afternoons. She tells the teachers what they have to do.
Picture by Dalton

There are many people that who work in our school. Each of them have different roles and responsibilities but they all have an important part to play.
Mrs Mears by James
Mrs Mears - Mrs Mears works mainly in Class 3, helping pupils. She also teaches in Foundation on Thursday afternoons and teaches Art to Class 1 on Fridays. She does some individual work with children helping them learn things. Mrs Mears sometimes runs a cookery club and enjoys doing displays around school.
Picture by James
Sarah Thompson
Mrs Sarah Thompson - teaches in Class 2 when Mrs Moore is working in her office. She teaches Art, PE and lots of other things.

Mrs Hamilton by Taia
Mrs Hamilton - Mrs Hamilton is the teacher n Class 3 from Tuesdays to Fridays. She teaches Literacy, Numeracy and lots of other subjects, she is in charge when Mrs Moore isn’t in school! She is excellent at Maths!!
Picture by Taia
Mrs Stone by Josh
Mrs Stone - Mrs Stone works in the office some days, she helps Mrs Chorlton do things like the dinner money and ordering things for our school.

Picture by Josh

Mrs Steeper by Josh
Mrs Steeper - Mrs Steeper teaches in Class 1 from Mondays to Thursdays. She runs the ICT and Gardening Club. She is always happy and kind.

Picture by Josh
Mrs Chorlton by Josh
Mrs Chorlton - Mrs Chorlton is the office manager. She sorts all the money out, helps us solve any problems and helps Mrs Moore lots.

Picture by Josh

Mrs Holloway by Adan
Mrs Holloway - Mrs Holloway works mainly in Class 2 helping pupils but helps a little in Class 3. She also has children to do individual work, helping them if they need some extra help. She is excellent at displays and making props for our plays.
Picture by Adan
Mrs Chandler by James
Mrs Chandler - Mrs Chandler mainly works in Class 1 helping pupils. She teaches History/Geography to Class 2 on Monday afternoons. She goes swimming with the whole school when they go to Retford swimming pool on Thursday afternoons.
Picture by James

Mrs Donoghue by Taia
Mrs Donoghue - Mrs Donoghue teaches in Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3! In fact all the classes except foundation. She teaches RE and Music to all the Classes, Class 1 on Fridays, Class 2 on Fridays and Class 3 on Mondays. Poor Mrs Donoghue she must be tired out!
Picture by Taia
Mrs James by Matthew
Mrs James - Mrs James helps pupils in Class 2, she assists pupils who might need help. Mrs James is always smiling.

Picture by Matthew

Mrs Wiles by Dalton
Mrs Wiles - Mrs Wiles is the Foundation Teacher, she helps the children to learn by investigating and exploring things. She helps the children get ready to move into Class 1

Picture by Dalton
Mr Gamwell
Mr Gamwell - Mr Gamwell is our new caretaker and looks after the school making sure the heating is turned on and everything is working. /contact us:
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