Tree planting in

.....Bar Road North

New trees in Bar Road North
It came to the attention of the Parish Council that some vehicles were cutting across the grassed area at the top of Bar Road North to get onto the dual carriageway, a practice that is both dangerous and illegal as well as causing damage to the grass.
After consultation with Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Department it was decided that a number of trees should be planted on the area in an effort to deter vehicles. These were provided and planted by the Highways Department in March 2008, consisting of 14 specimens altogether, all are deciduous.

6 Columnar Hornbeam of upright habit with leaves which turn mustard yellow before falling.
3 Weeping Hornbeam with leaves of yellowy green turning orange in the autumn.
3 Common Alder which have catkins on the bare branches between autumn and Spring.
2 Snowy Mespulus which have a bushy spreading habit with white flowers in spring along with copper pink leaves which turn yellowy green in summer then crimson scarlet in autumn. These trees also have red berries in July turning black as they ripen which are popular with the birds.

It is hoped that as well as serving a practical purpose these trees will make an attractive addition to the village. Please click here to go to Beckingham and Saundby Parish Council website.
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