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Railway CrossingGrass snake spotted on the walk
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Footpath Six (0.6km) is only a short path beginning at the railway crossing at the end of Marsh Lane, Saundby. Go over the crossing and follow the farm track going East, as far as the drain, where Footpath Six ends and Footpath Two begins.
Footpath Two (1.8km) begins at the drain, at the end of Footpath Six. Turn left going north, (arrow sign), and walk along the left edge of the field following the drain for approximately 175yds. Turn right (arrow sign) and carry on in an Easterly direction, keeping to the left hand side of the drain, going under the pylons and towards Gainsborough and the river Trent. Here the grass is quite thick and soft and the drain bank is steep, care should be taken Grass snakes have been spotted! Follow the drain until you reach the crossover point (the only place to cross) be careful not to miss it, (arrow sign). Go over the drain and follow the path, going East until you reach the drain junction. Carry straight on over the drain (arrow sign) and across the field towards Gainsborough.
When you reach the farm track you can either go left (arrow sign), which takes you up to the A631 opposite the Trent Port Pub car park entrance, or you can go straight on across the field to the River Trent flood bank to join Footpath One, then either left up to the Kissing Gate on the A631 bridge, or right to follow the footpath along the river bank.
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