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From Saundby Park Farm to Wheatley WoodsSmall deer of some sort?
map of area
Opposite Ramper Road follow hedgerow by the footpath sign until the corner of the field, go over the bridge and through the trees and continue along the side of the field until there is an opening to a field on your right. After just a few metres there is a crosspaths point where Saundby Footpath 4 joins Saundby Footpath 3 (east to west) and Beckingham Footpath 5 (north). Take the south path (left) which is where Saundby Footpath Four begins and continue to cut across diagonally back on yourself, through the gap in the hedge and then across the next field heading to the far right point of the wood in the distance. The path goes alongside the right hand side of the wood and through the farmyard of Saundby Park Farm and out onto the road. Turn right onto the road and follow the path across the field. It is at this point the path crosses the boundary into Wheatley where it becomes Wheatley Footpath 5 and goes by Wheatley Wood onto the main Wheatley to Saundby Road.
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