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The Countryside Code

Helping everyone to respect, protect and enjoy our countryside The Countryside Code started life in the 1950's as the Country Code. This new version was launched in July 2004.
The Countryside Code applies to all parts of the countryside. Most of it is just good commonsense, as it is designed to help us all to respect, protect and enjoy our countryside. The Code, which applies in England and Wales, makes it clear what the responsibilities are for both the public and the people who manage the land. Scotland has its own Outdoor Access Code
There are five sections of The Countryside Code dedicated to helping members of the public respect, protect and enjoy the countryside:
  • Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Protect plants and animals and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under close control
  • Consider other people
P3 Scheme (Parish Paths Partnership)

Following a Beckingham and Saundby Village Appraisal in 1994/95 by the Parish Council, and with help from Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council, the results showed that there was interest/need amongst residents for an environmental/conservation group and the Beckingham Rural Action Group was set up.
When Nottinghamshire County Council initiated the P3 Scheme throughout the County in 1995/96 Beckingham cum Saundby Parish Council were very interested and decided to join a scheme. A sub group was then formed and called The Rural Action Group who are now independent of the Parish Council and administer the scheme directly to Nottinghamshire County Council. The first task required by Nottinghamshire County Council was a condition survey of all the footpaths in Beckingham and Saundby. The Group willingly
undertook this work and were helped, where necessary, firstly by Joanne Smyth (Countryside Group Manager NCC) and then Charlotte Jolly Countryside Officer NCC). From this survey maps and information sheets re the P3 Scheme were sent to all farmers/landowners requesting replies and with further help from Charlotte Jolly much work was carried out by both landowners and the County Council. Over the years Charlotte Jolly has given much of her time and expertise, both practically and from her office. At no time has any money
been requested or paid out from the Parish Council.
Nottinghamshire County Council developed the P3 Scheme throughout the county in order to uphold their responsibility for maintenance of all footpaths and bridleways, this includes cutting of grass verges where necessary and repairs to stiles and furniture etc. To this end Nottingham County Council provide the financial part, in the form of an annual grant to the Rural Action Group.
The Rural Action Group provides annual budgetary requirements on the basis of routine inspections and repairs to furniture etc. It also initiates instructions for the work to be carried out by Contractors and monitors their work to ensure the necessary quality is upheld. The P3 Scheme has in place agreed Contractor rates for various jobs associated with the maintenace work and a simple call up system is used for detailing the work and for payments.
Over the years a few parishes have withdrawn from P3 and are now regretting their actions. Under the P3 Scheme Beckingham andSaundby receive excellent service and value for money. Work dealt with locally under the scheme is done efficiently, quickly and cheaply. Contacts for the Rural Action Group if anyone has any problems/queries are:- Joan Sanger - Chairperson (tel 01427 848636) and Bob Davison - Treasurer (tel 01427 848582) /contact us:
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